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About Us

We do not produce any goods but we hope that in the future the modern ideas will materialize in novel materials, principally new pharmaceutical products and high quality scientific instruments.

What we are doing here is related to the study of condensed matter structures at macromolecular level. It should be emphasized that, despite the fact that the nature of atom and nuclei has been established a long time ago, the structural organization of the matter on the scale from 2 to 100nm is still very much a terra incognita. That is why the main efforts of our team are concentrated on the solution of this problem in many different areas including molecular biology, colloidal solutions, polymers, physics and chemistry of macromolecular structures, materials science, etc.

We are working with different materials: lipids and biological molecules, cell organelles, magnetic fluids and surfactants, liquid crystals, dendrimers, tracking membranes, metallic alloys, amorphous systems, elastomers, powders, etc.

Along with our colleagues from other institutes, universities and research centers, we run experiments on a unique small-angle neutron YUMO spectrometer (named after an outstanding scientist Yury Mechislavovich Ostanevich, one of the founding fathers of our group). We not just maintain a high level of workability of this instrument but we also advance the technology and methodology needed for better functionality of our spectrometer and continue its modernization in order to keep up with the increasing demands from our numerous users. We are doing all of these because YUMO spectrometer is our “know-how”, the recognizable worldwide trade mark of our group. It has a remarkable and quite successful history but perhaps more importantly it also has a promising future and its continuous success highly depends upon our day-by-day performance as a team.

We are in possession of a multifunctional well equipped biochemical laboratory with all the necessary modern facilities. We also run experiments on small-angle X-ray spectrometer situated in the research Laboratory for "Nanostructuring of Membrane-Protein Complexes for the Control of Cell Physiology" at MPTI, actively collaborate with the institutes from Czech Republic, Germany, Slovak Republic, Poland, Romania, France, and Ukraine. We have regular training courses for BS and MS students from many different countries.

All in all, we are an international group of young and experienced researchers who equally enjoy working hard and having fun together!

Scientific Highlights